Strategic Framework engages experienced associates to assist organizations in the successful delivery of their program/project management efforts.  All of our associates are Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professionals (PMP).  We also guide organizations in the implementation of Portfolio Management solutions that align projects and resources to the organization’s strategic objectives.  Once this alignment takes place, you are on the path to organizational success – our purpose is to assist the organization in obtaining “tighter” financial controls allowing them to produce measurable results and maximize their return on investments.

Program Management extends beyond technology practices, and is essentially a science unto itself in many respects. Program Management includes:

Oversight of related projects.

Establishment of business and technical processes.

Audit and enforcement of established processes.

Acceptance, analysis, and implementation of process improvements.

Measurement of existing processes against established metrics.

Project Management, on the other hand, focuses on a deliverable within the framework of established project management processes as established by the Program Management office (PMO). This is true, whether the project is a business or a technical project, and whether the project is related to one or more other projects, or is a stand-alone project.

In summary, Program Management addresses the management of project management, setting up processes, monitoring and measuring project results, and coordinating related projects.

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