Strategic Framework works with its clients to develop effective solid infrastructure that goes beyond defining vision, mission, goals and objectives to include additional key organizational success factors specific to their organization.  Our approach ensures that effective strategic planning articulates not only where an organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful.

What is a Strategic Framework?

The Strategic Framework is a comprehensive picture of the organization’s strategy. It clarifies how individual efforts and team projects can be connected to achieve the best outcome. It includes meaningful target measures and a sequence of activities that help focus on the key efforts that implement the strategy.

Why Strategic Framework?

What good is a strategy if it just sits on the shelf? These unique tools allow you to take your strategy ”off of the page” (or in our case ”off of the wall”) and implement the plan directly into every area of your operation. And because your team helped to customize all of the tools, you will have full understanding of not only what the tools say, but how and why they work.
We map strategy.

First, we take a look at everything you already have. From your current objectives to your organization’s vision, mission and values. Then, we organize this information and ask critical questions to form the context of your strategy and effectively define (or confirm) your strategic goals. Through interactive sessions, we then provide you with a set of visual tools that will help you keep your priorities clear, increase individual contribution and identify opportunities for improvement:

The Strategy Map is a key tool. It is a graphic (based on the Balanced Scorecard) that translates high-level strategy into measurable action. It communicates your vision to your organization and allows each person to understand how he or she contributes. The Strategy Map addresses and defines critical objectives, measures and leverages.

The Roadmap then helps integrate your strategy into your operating plans so that you can implement activities and monitor and reinforce performance.

The Strategic Framework builds a foundation.

The Strategic Framework will:

  • Leverage the Vision, Mission, and Values of the organization
  • Define internal and external drivers to success
  • Structure all efforts and clarify how individuals contribute
  • Prioritize goals and initiatives
  • Show opportunities to leverage resources

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